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Decadence On A Shoestring

Bombay Sapphire

I tried, I really tried, to make this period of fiscal excellence last for a little longer, but for the next two days its back to the chopping board – vegetables and pasta.  I have no specific objection to pasta until I am left with no other choice.  Then I sulk, and dream of strolling around Waitrose without a care in the world like my doctor, who was in front of me in the checkout queue last week, and smiled cheerfully at me as she paid a bill for £177.

How?  Has she got twelve children? One trolley of food costing that much?  At least have some decorum and get some champagne and decent gin in there.  Two bags of Kettle Chips, (sea salt and balsamic vinegar), several bottles of Bombay Sapphire, a six pack of tonic water and three good bottles of Champagne.  Thats how you spend £177.

Anyway, I am currently making a shopping list for Thursday, and I will be back to make Decadence On A Shoestring an actual reality, without going anywhere near Waitrose.  Now I’m off to the doctor’s.  For my tea.

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I’m Getting Round To Cooking Properly Again…Just Not Today

Oh I know that I’m supposed to be getting back on track, cooking and all. I went away for the weekend and left the flat in what can only be politely described as a tip, forgetting that the window cleaners would be treated to a full on display of my domestic sluttery before I had chance to return and rectify matters.

Anyway, it matters not after a large G&T so I’m not going to stress about it now. I have to go away again tomorrow as I have a meeting in the grand old city of York. I am a trustee and regional committee member of a large mental health charity so occasionally I have to zip off somewhere and represent Sheffield‘s interests. So this has put off my food shopping trip for yet another day.

I don’t wish to offend anyone of a delicate sensibility but I am planning to cook a recipe from a book I got for Christmas, by Antonio Carluccio and the main component of the sauce is rabbit. I know that there are people who could quite happily eat pork or beef but draw the line at certain animals. However this recipe just looks so fantastic that I can’t resist, so it’s off to the market for me and back via Waitrose for a nice bottle of something to go with it.

I will post again, with photos and recipes in the next couple of days – Tagliatelle al Ragù di Coniglio – I can’t wait!

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Lazy Weekend

berlin, gin and tonic

Image by cuttlefish via Flickr

Hmmm,  So much for my virtuous plans to cook this weekend.  Thursday night found me awake till 4a.m, for no conceivable reason, then I had to get up after three hours sleep and go to two long meetings.  So Friday night was a readymade pizza from Sainsbury’s and a few welcome gin and tonics;  Saturday was a ready made Brie, Caramelized red onion and maple bacon cheesecake with a salad, all from Waitrose.  Even though it’s Sunday and I’ve now had plenty of sleep, I still feel tired.  Anyway, there’s a poussin in the fridge, so I’m going to rouse myself to cook it later on, if I don’t fall asleep.

Other news –  our mouse has  returned for its annual Christmas break – it shares its time unselfishly between the four flats in our block.  It was my turn for a visit at midnight, and today it’s gone next door to Sarah’s.  Might have something to do with the unrelenting stench of bleach that now pervades my kitchen.  If all else fails then I’m going up the road to borrow the neighbour’s cat.  She’s an unrelenting hunter and,  if nothing else , the smell of kittycat might just teach unwelcome visitors to stay away.  I did try a trap, (humane), in the kitchen last year and it made no difference whatsoever, despite serving a gourmet buffet every single day.  I did hear squeaking, and thought it might have worked, but on reflection it was probably hysterical mouse laughter.

So, all being well, there may be a recipe up here in the next couple of days, alongside a large advert, extolling the virtues of Rentokil.  And a nice photo of a bottle of Gordons…..



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